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In the next few days, I will be talking about reverse mortgages and then life settlements.

These are hot topics to fuel your nest eggs. Are they right for you and your family?

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Life Settlements; Sell your Life Insurance Policy for more than the Cash Surrender Value!

We always think that our families have to be secure and safe from all the unfortunate and unexpected events in everyday life. This is why we protect ourselves and our loved ones by purchasing life insurance. The idea is to hold safe any short falls of income if the bread winner is injured or becomes ill and can not work.

Other reasons for life insurance are corporate. The key members in the corporate family are also protected against the corporate family’s interests and the potential loss of income due to loosing key members like the CEO or CFO. Public traded companies all insure their corporate heads for tens and even hundreds of millions against their loss in intrinsic and accountable trading value.

The same is seen in the music and acting industries. Musicians and Actors insure their income by the body parts that made them famous. Their hands if they are playing instruments or their faces, legs or buts if this is how they became famous.

It is NOT academic to be insured. One has risks against income and one gets insured. One pays a premium for the insurance policy and maintains the policy till maturity, death, lapse or surrender back to the insurer.

The policies which concerns me the most are the ones which are going to lapse because the principal holder has no ability to maintain the premiums due to the gradual increase in the fee over the years verses the gradual loss of income due to retirement. Second, the principal insured does not need to maintain the policy due to the fact the policy has out grown its usefulness and has become a dead weight expense. For example, a family is at the empty nester stage. This is when the children are now adults and working with their own families in their own homes whereas the mom and dad are in the original 3 bedroom house by themselves. They have their savings, retirement 401K or RRSPs and a group of hard assets accumulated which are debt free or close to it.

These policy holders who can not pay the ever increasing premiums or just do not need to maintain policies because they have out grown their usefulness have another option which will put money into their hands.

This third option allows for an investor to purchase a life insurance policy from the principal insured party for a cash sum GREATER than the cash surrender value.

This industry is called Life Settlements. Its history goes back to 1911 with the Supreme Court case of Grigsby vs. Russel. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’s opinion for the case was that life insurance possessed all the ordinary characteristics of a property and therefore represented an asset that a policy owner could transfer the asset without limitation.

This ruling allowed insurance policies to be on the same legal platform as more traditional investment property such as stocks and bonds. As with other types of assets, a life insurance policy could be transferred to another person at the discretion of the policy holder. Thus, insurance policies could be sold.

Now you have something to sell, which is a current burden on your finances, and something you may not need any way. Keep in mind you can still purchase another insurance policy which will be more suited to your current situation. Your insurer is not inclined to tell you any of this; it will mean they will have to pay more as the full amount of the policy will be collected by the secondary buyer of the insurance policy. You see, the buyer will maintain the policy till maturity as it is the buyer’s interest to see the policy pay out in full.

Can this work for you and is it safe?

Well…YES! This industry is regulated in the U.S.A..  Life Settlement providers must be licensed in the state where the policy owner resides. Approximately 41 states have regulations in place regarding the sale of life insurance policies to third parties.

Do you think you qualify?

Your age: 65+, but can be lower and is measured on a case by case basis. 
Your lump-sum cash payment amount is about 4 times the policy cash surrender amount.
Your valuation will increase if you are terminally ill.

How long will the process take?

This process involves obtaining medical records from your doctor(s) and risk management valuations.
It is reverse engineering an insurance policy for valuations to benefit to the buyer at the policy maturity.
The process takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Time is of the essence. Find out now if you qualify for a Life Insurance Settlement, and get the money you deserve and riding yourself of the expensive and ever increasing premiums form your insurance policy. The process is safe , confidential and regulated. Give yourself the opportunity to gain the understanding of this potential lump-sum cash settlement.
Ivor Fernandes